In order to succeed we need cooperation, not competition with each other. We need to remember where we came from and our traditions that work toward the betterment of our people. We are all connected and stronger when we work together. Reminds me of the line from The Jungle Book “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”


My relatives, each of you, I humbly greet you…

I believe We are All spiritually connected through Our Creator, Mauna, therefore…


I am Cari Fay and I am running for the District 1 Legislator SEAT 3. I very humbled, honored and grateful to have this opportunity…

I am a descendent of Jesse and Mary Littlegeorge and Jesse and Bessie Stacy..and my parents are Ronald Fay and Cecelia Littlegeorge. I have two children, Erika Fay and Jesse Bell.

My dedication to serving the public began over 20 years ago when I joined the United States Marine Corps. I then spent almost 10 years as a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, followed by 10 years as a Personnel Investigator for the Ho-Chunk Nation. Throughout my Investigator position, I conducted many in depth investigations, then made sound conclusions based on the HCN’s Employee Relations Act of 2004, HCN Acts, Laws, Resolutions and Standard Operating Procedures. My hard work resulted in numerous departments of the HCN saving money due to my findings and recommendations. I am currently the Contract Health Services Assistant Administrator and a Certified Mediator.

I have been an active member and involved with the Andrew Blackhawk American Legion Post 129 and the Andrew Blackhawk Auxiliary Unit 129.

I am running for Legislator, due to the many unanswered questions and requests that Tribal members have voiced. I see the positive potential for change in the Nation that will be beneficial for our futures, starting with the youth’s education regarding our culture, careers, financial values and structured investments, which affects all of our futures, especially the care of our elders.

Essentially, I will humbly be the Voice of reason that is heard and take the initiatives and actions needed to complete each task. This will be done through being the active listener, as I have always been, and keeping the lines of communication open; so there are no questions or requests unanswered. I shall use my experience as a Police Officer and an Investigator to thoroughly research all possible proactive solutions.

One example of an unanswered question is “why does nothing happen to certain Ho-Chunk members and/or employees who violate our laws of the Nation.” Meaning they are not being held accountable, then the ‘no consequences’ leads to the unfair treatment of our people and employees. It allows these individuals to continue their conduct-thus creating distrust and fear of losing employment to others. Distrust meaning between Ho-Chunk members and their legislators, as well as, between employees, be it supervisor to employee or co-workers.

There a number of resolutions from GC meetings that have not been addressed. According to the Constitution they are to be addressed, acted upon within 45 days. It is rare and/or there never was an explanation given as to why the resolutions never were acted upon. Therefore, we need to work with the GCA, provide explanations on which Resolutions are doable and why some are not doable. Information should be provided on this in order to take the next step for the resolution to be acted upon, then ratified. During this time, proper procedures would be adhered to.

Open lines of communication through the Open Door Policy and for me, I take that a step further to an Open Ear Policy, meaning I will truly listen. There have been situations of Legislators not responding to members requests or proposals without explanation. This is wrong. Improving this area creates a trusting relationship.

It is very important to have the four branches working together as One with Our People, Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and General Council – let me refer to one of my slogans- “A strong Foundation for Tribal success is built upon a commitment to dynamic cooperation, meaning everyone, including members working in a positive productive manner toward the same goal, which leads to success and prosperity for the Nation’s present and future generations.”

We need to work with the Executive branch to ensure the Policies and Laws are being followed and individuals are being held accountable. This will save money as well. We are all examples and our leaders should be following it as well. As a whole we need to take steps to act on a  professional level, listen to each other and blend our ideas to create the best plan that brings the Nation success and prosperity for the present and future generations.

Youth Education though Mentor and Intern Programs, Scholarships from businesses and hands on Financial Values classes. Instilling youth with confidence that they will be financially secure and in charge of their money along with Financial Advisors. Their Education will move them into their careers, and eventually they will return and share their knowledge to continue the Nation’s success.

For the Elders- We need to learn, understand and create a plan that will meet their needs. Keeping them involved in sharing their knowledge, talents and having access to transportation. They will receive the needed attention without worry and being a positive force in the community and the nation’s employment if that is what they prefer.

For the Veterans we need to actively pursue the assistance with housing, jobs, raising awareness to the families and community working with Military service related disabilities, PTSD and other requests. Creating a Veterans Healing Circle, with the input from Veterans.

We need to take action on retrieving the millions of dollars that have been given to State of WI for our land and businesses taxes. For this goes against our treaties, furthermore, the governor at the time failed to negotiate on good faith level.

Going Green, Renewable energy, thus using what the Creator gave us, for power, heat that saves Mother Earth and money for the Nation as a whole. This includes agriculture/farming, working our land to provide our people with sustenance. This is a direct relationship to the Preamble in the Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation, that states…”We the People, pursuant to our inherent sovereignty, in order to form a more perfect government, secure our rights, advance the general welfare, safeguard our interests, sustain our Culture, promote our Traditions and perpetuate our Existence, and secure the natural and self-evident right to govern ourselves, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Ho-Chunk Nation.”

Implementing our inherent Sovereignty to halt sand mining, Standing firmly against Sand-Mining. The Ho-Chunk Nation needs to take positive progressive actions to halt the devastating effects on Mother Earth which nurtures all of us.

Supporting the fundamental education, training and tools to promote employ-ability for our HCN members.

Networking with Ho Chunk member’s businesses…Mandating that they are the first to be contacted during the 3 bid process.

Building and sustaining Indian Country business relationships that are advantageous to the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Provide the support and means necessary to aid the HCN PD in proactively eradicating the illegal drugs that are poisoning our people within our communities, our back yard.

My decisions will be professional, based on all relevant information, including input from Our People, and meeting on common ground, following proper procedures to make the expeditious and best informed decisions.

Therefore, I feel my past work  and life experience proves that I go above and beyond and have saved thousands of dollars in the best interest of the HCN. The Nation needs to work in cooperation, on a professional level, not personal agendas. We are in need of an obvious positive change. The fact that we have so many candidates for the open Legislative Seats are evidence of a need for change in the direction our nation is heading.

Especially with the recently elected President Trump, I know our business needs to expand and I am dedicated to producing innovative opportunities for Our People and Our Nation, because Our People are only as Strong as our Nation is, just as Our Nation is only as Strong as our People are…

Consider my past and present proven experiences as you vote on TUESDAY MARCH 7, 2017. I genuinely appreciate your Support and Vote.

VOTE – CARI FAY SEAT 3 #D1unitedvoices




My dedication to serving the public began over 20 years ago when I joined the United States Marine Corps. I then spent almost 10 years as a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, followed by 10 years as a Personnel Investigator for the Ho-Chunk Nation.  Throughout my Investigator position, I conducted many in depth investigations, …