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For Wisconsin District 70
A Lifetime of Public Service
Leadership - Opportunities - Vision - Experience

Over 25 years of commitment and action on the side of positive change and community development

Military Service

Following a strong family tradition of military service Cari Fay's journey started by becoming a proud member of The United States Marine Corps

Law Enforcement Service

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Cari Fay became one of the very few minority women to ever become a police officer with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Serving fellow Veterans

Cari Fay has been an active member and heavily involved with the Andrew Blackhawk American Legion Post 129 and the Andrew Blackhawk Auxiliary Post 129.

Personnel Investigations

Ten years of conducting in-depth personnel investigations for the Ho-Chunk Nation, many of which created efficiencies and resulted in numerous departments of the HCN saving money due to Cari's findings and recommendations.

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