Vote Cari Fay

For Wisconsin District 70


By on October 25, 2018


Cari  believes

  • The current tax bill is a corporate giveaway, when it should be built for the people. 

  • Large corporations with many tax credits creates debts for our future generations with a financial burden and further indebts WI and our country to foreign nations, such as China.

  • Small businesses are an essential part of Wisconsin’s economy and need to be in the forefront when creating economic policy bringing broadband to all.

  • Bring Environmental regulations back to keep WI’s majestic beauty and water’s pristine for future generations.

  • Technical and Trade Skilled employees should have the right to collective bargaining power and prevailing wages.

Cari’s Positive Action –

  • Fight for a true tax cut for the middle class.

  • Stand Up for clean air and water, fully fund and staff DNR, to hire scientists, then enforce the Environmental Laws.

  • Bring in the MA Expansion and open BadgerCare to the public at an affordable price.

  • Create a childcare tax credit to help working families.

  • Support efforts to increase broadband access, which is key to economic success in the modern economy.

  • Fully fund DOT and repair roads and restore bridges.

  • Repeal Act 10.

  • Give Veteran’s the respect they deserve through accessible intensive and quality medical and mental health care. I fully support making a streamlined transition from military life to civilian life and the workforce.


Cari believes

  • Every student should have access to quality public education, regardless of their zip code, ability, or special needs.
  • Supporting early childhood education and afterschool programs benefits families and gives children more opportunities to succeed.
  • Tuition free 2 year Technical Schools and little or no debt for College students.

  • Students should be exposed to careers in trades and technical areas- skills that are important for economy growth. 

  • Teachers should have the right to collective bargaining.

Cari’s Positive Actions

  • Focusing on access to quality public options from pre-K through secondary higher education and promoting strong, skills-based training programs.

  • Prioritize access to public education and facilitate ways for Wisconsin to partner with and support implementing healthy K-12 systems. Cari will work to support opportunities to hone technical skills through apprenticeships and partnerships with community colleges and trade schools.

  • Support Head Start programs and ensure they are operating effectively. Cari understands the importance of afterschool and summer programs for educational success, particularly in households where adults are working long hours to support their families.

  • Support policies that enable people to refinance student loans at lower rates and make it easier to renegotiate a loan’s terms.

  • Support initiatives such as loan forgiveness programs for those entering public service.

  • Repeal Act 10.


Cari believes

  • Too many Wisconsinites are suffering – and dying – because they lack affordable healthcare.

  • Prescription drug costs are unacceptably high.

  • Women face too many restrictions and regulations over the care of their own bodies. Costs are too high for the full range of necessary reproductive healthcare services, including pre-natal, post-natal, contraception, and fertility treatment.  

Cari’s Positive Action –

  • Support the expansion of Medicaid and open BadgerCare to the public at an affordable price.

  • Support the prevention of price gouging and restrict the ability of companies to slow the introduction of generic brands.

  • Support Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

  • Support legislation that ensures women have access to a full range of healthcare services and that they are not excluded from insurance plans or denied care by providers.  


Cari believes

  • We must demand more than condolences from our lawmakers. We need swift legislation to enact common sense gun safety laws.

  • Guns do have their place. As part of a military and hunter family and being a former Police Officer, Cari recognizes that firearms have a role in society. That place is not in schools, in hospitals, in mental health facilities, or in the homes of domestic abusers.

Cari’s Positive Actions –

  • Support reducing gun violence and deaths in WI and our country.

  • Support Gun Safety Education for all, youth and adults.

  • Support expanded background checks and higher standards for conceal-and-carry permits.


Cari believes

  • Climate change is real and should be addressed immediately.

  • Protecting our environment and natural resources is necessary for our planet and our economies.

  • WI should capitalize on renewables as a mechanism for job growth and skill development.

  • Clean Water Act protections and state laws preserve wetlands and their benefits to nature and people: a habitat, filters for polluted water, and for recreation and flood storage.

Cari’s Positive Actions –

  • Support tax policies that encourage use of and transition to renewable energy resources.

  • Work to create greater investment in Wisconsin’s solar and wind-production.

  • Fight against the dismantling of the Clean Water and Air Acts. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin was the Founder of Earth Day and we should respect and honor him for his environmental activism.

  • Fully fund and staff the DNR appropriately and with Scientists. 

  • Support corporations or businesses to have systems in place to prevent water and air pollution to remain in accordance with Clean Air and Water Acts.


Cari believes –

  • That all people are created equal.

  • That we are all guaranteed the same rights, freedoms, and protections under the law.
Cari’s Positive Actions-
  • Combat voter restrictions and fight for fair and equal access to the ballot box.

  • Support legislation and policies that recognize full civil rights protections for  all people, includes all nationalities and LGBTQI people.